DJI Inspire 2

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The DJI Inspire 2 is comparable to the DJI Inspire, only with enhanced features that give it a cutting-edge appeal. Included with a dual battery setup and camera quadcopter, Inspire 2 drone flyers get to undergo longer flight duration, estimated at roughly 27 minutes, along with amplified power usage for cameras, stabilizers, etc. Perhaps its most compelling feature is the FPV camera which has a forward facing feature that comes alongside the detachable Zenmuse camera. Together, the two make for double the viewing pleasure. The build of the Inspire 2 is unprecedented in the world of drones. DJI implemented a new locking system to ensure the props remain secure during aviation. It also comes equipped with dual barometers and intertial motion sensors. Its exceptional build paired with outstanding stability makes for a seemingly untouchable drone. Thanks to the obstacle-avoidance feature that DJI added, drone enthusiasts can now fly their Inspire 2 without the added anxiety of crashing into surrounding objects. DJI has created the perfect middle ground with the Inspire 2, infusing sleek design with qualities good enough for filmmaking to create a drone all its own.