Member Benefits

Global Drone Market is the only one!

The only one? Yes, it is the only online camera quadcopters retailer to offer lifetime personal consulting via your own personal camera quadcopters expert. Our concept is revolutionary -- come to us with your camera quadcopters questions and get help free of charge.

Free Member Program

When you purchase a camera quadcopter from us, we immediately enroll you in our membership program. This qualifies you for:

  • Unlimited access to a personal camera quadcopter expert
  • Lifetime 20 percent discount on all products
  • All warranties also 20 percent off
  • Free access to training resources & support
  • Help with all service and repairs

Free Online Consultation via Secure Chat

Scheduling an appointment with a camera quadcopters expert is easy. Just go to our calendar page and select a time that works for you. When the scheduled time arrives, your consultant online uses a safe and secure chat.



Here are some common situations where your personal camera quadcopters expert can help you:

  • Scenario #1 - You need to locate a local source for repairs and replacement parts. Simply ask your personal camera quadcopters consultant for ideas.
  • Scenario #2 - You’re wondering where you can find hands-on training nearby to develop your pilot skills. Get recommendations from your camera quadcopters consultant.
  • Scenario #3 - You get a local repair quote and you’re not sure if it’s fair and accurate. Come to us and get our opinion.

Stuff happens. If you flew your new camera quadcopter across an imaginary landscape with wide open skies and ultra-soft landing areas, you’d minimize crashes and repairs. However, what fun would that be?

Great video from a camera quadcopter soaring over treetops carries some risk. The good news is you bring replacement parts and, in the process, learn some simple, on-the-fly repairs and invest in drone insurance. If you purchase your drone from Global Drone Market, you can also look to a drone consultant for help.

Best Drones for Every Purpose

Our valued clients buy camera quadcopters for many reasons. Some mainly want to race RC drone with camera with their friends. Others want to use camera quadcopters to document their outdoor adventures. Commercial camera quadcopters for sale arouse the entrepreneurial spirit. There are many drone businesses that haven't even been thought of yet. Buy a camera quadcopter online, come up with a unique angle and blaze a new trail!

Finally, if you love gaming, you'll probably love flying camera quadcopters.  As Popular Mechanics points out, gamers often make the transition to piloting drones with ease, particularly if they invest in drones with joystick controllers.


When you want to buy a drone online, there is no better place to do it than at Global Drone Market. Let’s take the journey together as you become a dedicated drone enthusiast!