Global Drone Scholarship Program

We are proud to announce our Global Drone Scholarship Program! Every year, one student will be named the recipient of a $2,500 scholarship to advance their education. A qualified entrant must be in high school or college at the time of entry.

At Global Drone Market, we understand the importance of minimizing student debt in an era when a university education costs more than ever. In fact, according to Business Insider, college costs rose at more than double the CPI from 1980 to 2014.

The rising cost of a university education is just one reason we are going to award the winning entrant a substantial $2,500 stipend to offset educational costs. We also hope to encourage entrants to “think outside the box” in applying drone tech to today’s global business challenges.

Submit an Essay

To apply for the scholarship, an entrant must submit an essay at least 1,000 words in length. Students are free to select from a wide array of topics as long as the essay focuses in some way on how a business can enhance the customer experience and/or reduce costs through the implementation of currently available drone technology and camera quadcopters.

Entrants are not limited to writing about any particular kind of drone. An entrant is free to focus on camera quadcopters, fixed wing drones, mini-drones and even nano-drones. Also, the number of blades is not a concern, so you can write about hexacopters and octocopters as well as quadcopters. Accessories can vary, so you can focus on drones with cameras or those with sensors, like ultrasonic, infrared, thermal, magnetic-field or even chemical sensing devices.

Also, there is also no limit on the value of the drone that can help a business somewhere in the world. It can be anything from an inexpensive quadcopter or a five-figure, fixed-wing drone.

Be Creative!

We encourage those applying for the scholarship to be creative and innovative in applying commercially available drone technology to cut costs or to create a benefit for the customer. There are many possibilities, including ideas that replace the traditional used of manned aircraft with UAVs.

Entries will be judged using relevant criteria, including how unique and unprecedented the idea is. If you have any questions about our Global Drone Scholarship Program, please contact us.