Drone Insurance

Global Drone Market Insurance Program

One thing preventing drone enthusiasts from thoroughly enjoying their UAVs is the fear of accidental damage. Thanks to Global Drone Market’s partnership with Consumer Priority Service (CPS), we offer extended warranties for accidental damage.

Although most drones come with manufacturer warranties, they only cover defects in parts or workmanship. Coverage does not extend to accidental damage from a crash landing or other mishap.

We offer extended warranties as a service to our valued clientele. The purchase of such a warranty is completely up to you.


Am I required to buy the drone from you to get an extended warranty?

A: Although the extended warranties we offer cover drones purchased from Global Drone Market, you can also buy a warranty for a drone purchased elsewhere.

What does a CPS warranty cover?

A: The warranty covers parts and labor required to repair internal hardware failures. It also covers the cost of crashes/impacts, water/moisture damage and other accidental damage.

When does the warranty period begin?

A: The warranty period starts 31 days after you purchase your warranty.


Is the camera or gimbal covered?

A: Yes, if it is among the contents of the original box from the manufacturer.

Is the rechargeable battery covered?

A: Yes. Batteries damaged due to impact, water or other accidental damage are covered. However, batteries that cannot hold a full charge in normal use are not.

Is the remote control covered?

A: Yes. Malfunctions and accidental damage are covered.

Is there a deductible?

A: Yes, the amount of the deductible is based on the original purchase price of the drone.

What is not covered?

A: An item is not covered if it was not included in the original box from the manufacturer.

How do I file a claim?

A: File a claim through CPS customer service. Call 1-800-905-0443 or send an email to cs@cpscentral.com.

Who pays for shipping?

A: The customer pays for shipping to and from the authorized service center.

Is the drone still covered after a CPS warranty repair?

A: Yes, your warranty remains in force until the contract expires or the drone is replaced. Multiple claims are possible, but coverage ends once the total repair costs reach the product's original purchase price.

What if my drone is damaged beyond repair?

A: When a covered item cannot be repaired, it is replaced.

Is the warranty transferable?

A: Yes, it is possible to transfer a warranty between owners with the payment of a $25 transfer fee. However, the warranty cannot be transferred from one product to another.


For more information about CPS extended warranties, please call 800-398-2729 anytime Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST.

Imagine operating your flying drone without excess worries over crashes and other accidents. Flying a drone is fun, and flying one with real peace of mind is better still!