DJI Mavic

DJI Mavic drone series is yet another product that has really changed the aerial photography industry. The aircraft is small, very powerful and foldable making it convenient to carry around. Its transmission system allows you a control range of 7km and 27-minute flight time, which is incredibly effective. The DJI Mavic uses in-built flight autonomy technology to sense obstacles 15m away, reducing the chances of accidents, especially now that the space has millions of aircrafts flying at one particular time. In addition, it has a noise reduction system, which helps in shooting videos with precise sound and also comes with the DJI Goggles, which adds sophistication to the control. The DJI Mavic would cost you an average of $1,100, with the option to choose from the several Mavic models available.

Known for being the smallest DJI camera quadcopter, the DJI Mavic Pro is beloved for its compact size and convenient portability. While the camera is small, it can still take impeccable 12MP still images while in-flight.The Mavic Pro also performs well when taking videos, allotting up to 4k of footage space. Its motorised 3-axis gimbal in conjunction with the drone’s sensors ensure that your Mavic Pro will remain leveled at all times. Aiding in the process of stability are two downward-facing cameras along with two forward-facing cameras that work together to prevent the drone from colliding with outside factors. When placed in sport mode, watch as the Mavic Pro soars into flight at its top speed of 40mph. With a battery life of 27 minutes you can let your drone fly within a 4.3 mile transmission range. The Mavic Pro also comes equipped with a full-size USB port if you want to use a tablet or phone that’s too large to fit in the grip. DJI Mavic Pro excels in performance and image clarity to create a camera drone unlike any other.


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