Best Drones Under 200 Dollars


Written by: marto2017

For any drone enthusiasts out there, these are exciting days! Virtually every new month, there is a new drone release into the market. Companies are competing for both price and quality which means you can now get better and more advanced drones at lower price tags.

With this variety, you have probably tried out a typical entry-level drone and come to the realization just how fun it can get. Nonetheless, drones that go for anything below $100 are often not long lasting. Not only can they quickly break down, but they also boast limited features and flight time. Fortunately for you, if you want to go beyond the typical drone while still not splurging, you may subsequently wish to consider going for the available drones under $200.

There are numerous drone options to choose from which go for less than $200, an assortment of small quadcopters which although looking similar, are not equally built. To guide you through your choice below is the top 3 best drones going for under 200 dollars.

# 1 Syma X8G

The X8G Syma is a remarkable beginner quadcopter for aerial videography and photography pilots. It is an affordable drone under $200 which offers an astounding crop of features. It features among others, an onboard camera that shoots HD 1080p and 720p videos and also captures 8MP still photographs.

This particular drone includes an exclusive feature known as the Intelligent Oriental Control (IOC) which means that you have an option of maneuvering this device based on where its front (nose) is facing or with the forward direction being independent of the direction its nose is facing. This minimizes the overall learning curve and as such easing the capturing of particular shots.

Finally, it comes with a holding case that is adaptable with GoPro cameras.

Overall, this is a remarkable UAV for both aerial photographers/videographers and aspiring pilots.

# 2 Hornet FPV Drone

The FPV Hornet is an all-in-one Force 1 made drone that sells at just under $200. Aside from a remarkable camera that shoots HD videos of 720p, it also features an LCD monitor that is built directly into its controller, not to mention a 4GB MicroSD card that allows you to record and save your aerial images and videos.

This quadcopter comes in a sleek design complemented with propeller guards designed to help mitigate crashes. Beginners will particularly love its exclusive Altitude Hold’ function that enables you to not only quickly hover but also stabilize this drone mid-flight.

Finally, this package also includes two LiPo batteries that allow you to extend the flight sessions in this ideal first-person flight.

# 3 DBPOWER UDI U842 Predator

The UDI U842 DBPOWER is a highly-rated drone falling under the under $200 price category. This quadcopter features several unique capacities including first-person-view capacity courtesy of a WIFI link between the camera as fitted on the drone and your smartphone.

Moreover, the Predator drone can be controlled either by your mobile phone or remote control all courtesy of the DBPOWER/RC app.

It also features a 720p HD camera that allows the capturing of quality shots, two batteries that ensure extend flight sessions and powerful motors that afford it a powerful lift allowing it to cope with outdoor winds.


Which drone model best suits your needs and requirements? The market features drones of every type of taste! And this top 3 best list comprises fabulous products all under $200.

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